Idaho Springs, CO – South Chicago Creek Trail :(

My second snowshoe trip ended up a bust, but I didn’t get nothing out of it. I wanted to stay close to home so I targeted the clear creek area (Idaho Springs). I got really excited after finding Clear Creek County’s trails list because they actually list how to get there and what to expect. Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking about how there wouldn’t be enough snow!  We just recently got a little bit of a snowfall so I was hoping it would be enough to cover the grounds in the mountains. Even if we did have enough snow, I’m not entirely sure I’d be very impressed with this specific trail. Something that’s pretty import to me in finding good trails is how easy they are to access with my 2005 Buick LaCrosse. So getting to the turn off road and finding out there’s absolutely no way any vehicle would make it to the “parking lot” the website was talking about was the first let down on this trip. Granted if you had a snowmobile or ATV you’d make it no problem, but even a regular SUV shouldn’t try and drive down Hefferman Gulch Road.


We had to park on the side of Hwy. 103 and we decided we didn’t want a wasted trip so we thought we would hike the road of Hefferman Gulch Road and try to find the trail head.


The road we hiked(Hefferman Gulch Rd.) was just a very wide snowpacked trail and the scenery wasn’t as good as what we saw at Rabbit Ears Pass in Steamboat. We found the fork, but we never found the “level parking area” to the left of the fork. It ended up just being a giant turn around for snow vehicles.


We never did actually find the trail head itself, but we also didn’t cross over the creek to try and find it. I think next time we’ll try and go a little bit further into the Rocky Mountains or at least wait for a much bigger snowfall. I’m very glad we got out, I’m always up for a simple hike, and I’m glad I had a chance to scope out the area.

Check out the specific trail info here.