Estes Park, CO – Gem Lake :)

1924300_10100230091592131_2282464123507853172_nHeaded out to Gem Lake in Estes Park over the Holiday weekend was probably the best decision I made in 2015. With the New Year right around the corner and a fresh winter season starting to get good, I decided it was time to dust off the old snowshoes. I’ll admit I was a little bit worried about the low level of snow so close to home, but it turned out to be just fine. Estes Park is really only about an hour or so away from Boulder so it’s even close enough to make a day trip out of.

561530_10100230090489341_1248685293842714094_nI really enjoyed being able to share this adventure with my family, they always make vacation a really good time. If you ever get the chance to go snowshoeing with a happy group of people, do it! Totally worth it, even if the trail ends up being disappointing.

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We took Gem lake trail (free, yay!) which is about 3.4miles round trip (1.7 up and then back down). The trail was much harder than I expected, but I think it was because there are so many stairs! When we got to the 0.5mile mark we felt like we should have at least gone a mile already. I’d probably label it as a moderate to difficult level snowshoe trail… not impossible but we were all sweating pretty quickly :) I also don’t think it would be quite so hard in the summer time, like I said, stairs!

Once we finally got to the lake it was a little disappointing because it was much smaller than we anticipated, so maybe don’t expect much on that front? The entire thing is ice in the winter time and you can walk across it, so that’s pretty cool. It was still a great hike and it was my parents first time snowshoeing, so an overall success because I’m pretty sure they absolutely loved it.



Standing on Gem Lake :)


I also got the chance to convince my brother into doing some snowshoe yoga… made the whole trip totally worth it


10369197_10100230091332651_6046431439023073693_nI suppose there were also some pretty fantastic views too :)


10540372_10100230091128061_4894677137885766146_n There are a couple other trails you can take from the trail head, so I think later in the season I’ll definitely be going back because it’s so easy to get to. I’m hoping to hit up Ned this weekend if there’s enough snow, so let’s hope for some snowfall!!