Ouray, Colorado – Amphitheater Campground :)

I know, I know, I’m a little late on the Ouray post as it was summer time, but I just had to share because it’s probably my number 1 suggested place to visit. It’s AMAZING! Ouray Colorado has to be one of the most magical little places on earth. It’s quite the trip from Denver (about 6-7 hour drive), but well worth it.

Buena Vista, CO

It started out in Buena Vista Colorado, which was hot. We stayed at the KOA there and they gave us the only tent site without any shade. We spent most of the time in Buena Vista picking prickly things out from between my dogs pour paw pads.









He enjoyed the attention and it gave me something to do. Other than it being scorching hot with no shade, it also decided to rain. So I’ve decided I really need a canopy. Any suggestions?

2015-12-28 21.37.04







It did produce this AMAZING double rainbow, that was more vibrant than any rainbow I’ve ever seen.

2015-11-30 22.16.04








It did have a pretty good mountain view too…

2015-11-30 22.16.44







If you have kids, Buena Vista KOA is a good place to go, I feel like they had a lot of fun “kid” activities going on. If you’re looking for great scenery or good hiking, I wouldn’t really bother stopping here. The only reason we stayed was because we wanted to break up the amount of driving per day we did.


Ouray, CO

It took us a little while to find the campground, but once we did I fell in love immediately. It’s pretty much secluded, it’s up on a hill PAST the town of Ouray and it’s fairly well tucked back. I believe it’s only open in the summer time, which makes sense, Ouray is awfully cold in the winter :) It gave us the most spectacular views. Definitely a 5 Star Campground in my book.

View from the entrance to our spot (#21)


Entering our camp site :)

Annndd the spot! They sell wood at the front for that fire pit :)











And the viewwsss!

2015-12-28 21.11.25 2015-12-28 21.10.36 2015-12-28 21.09.53 2015-12-28 21.09.11 2015-12-28 21.06.51

















Like I said though… Not enough justice, I promise.

Also the town of Ouray is so small but adorable. They have a hot spring if you’re into that sort of thing and they do this awesome Jeep raffle every year.

There are some hiking trails in the area that are walking distance from the camp, we only really took one to a little waterfall you couldn’t actually get to.

2015-12-28 21.02.09 2015-12-28 21.02.53 2015-12-28 21.03.35












This is definitely a place I will be going back to, and I suggest you do the same!