Hello world!

Starting something new can sometimes be a little intimidating, but if you just get out and do it you might find it’s way more fun than you expected. The purpose of this blog is simply to share my experiences with you. I hope that one day I might be able to help someone else on their snowshoeing adventures, or inspire people to try it.

I read somewhere that you can snowshoe on just about any hiking trail as long as it’s accessible during the winter season. Since I can only snowshoe when there’s snow on the ground, I’ll probably be writing about hiking trails in the summer. I live in Colorado, so a large portion of the trails I talk about will be located somewhere in the state of CO.

I’m still very new to the sport, but so far I love it, and I’ve found that it gives me a reason to look forward to winter. I’m trying to build a collection of information on snowshoeing and put it all in one place so that someone new to it doesn’t have to click on several links just to maybe find a single bit of information. I’m interested in providing more detailed information on specific trails and putting it out there so that all of you can enjoy it too. With that said, any comments or emails with suggestions or feedback are highly appreciated.